About Me

I am born and bred in Canada but lived in South Africa on and off from 2003 - 2010.  Throughout those years, I was faced with many heart-breaking circumstances that have challenged me to re-evaluate my life and the privileges that I have here in Canada.  

In 2011 I attended one year of photojournalism school in Calgary with hopes of one day going back to South Africa and/or wherever the world takes me, to get stories of the people who benefit from non-profit organizations like the ones I have shared on this site.  With people's stories being told, I want to connect those stories with local charities that offer hope and help for whomever is in their care.  Many local people do benefit from non-profits like these and they can't do it without the support and help of people like you and I.

I will not promote any non-profit organization until I have spent extensive time there, or  know someone who has.  Most non-profits have good merit, but some do abuse their power and misuse finances they receive.  You can be sure that the non-profit organizations I promote on here are legit and worthy of your support. 

This is where you come in.  Please visit the sites of the non-profits I have shared and consider supporting them.  If you can't support financially, please click on my social media icons to follow and share.  Every little bit helps. 

If you have any questions about the organizations, please don't hesitate to contact me.